Myia.Events Web Application

Portal for event organizers

The Myia.Events web app is for you - the event organizers. It allows you to customize your event, select features available to the attendees and publish great content.

You can prepare everything in advance, test it and even present to your clients. Avoid all stress during the event and spend more time with the attendees.

Sign up to the Myia.Events web app and try it for free. No payment is needed until you connect more than 10 attendees.

Show Content of Myia on a Big Screen

Portal for event organizers

Myia.Events web app provides a special screen designed for displaying on a big screen. You can choose if you want to show the whole message wall or a selected message, e.g., with the question being answered right now or with a currently running poll.

You can control what is displayed from another device while you are on the stage or while comfortably sitting in the audience.