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What is Myia?

Myia is a tool for conferences and events. It simplifies your work.
Myia is a mobile app for the event attendees, that allows them to actively participate, connect and interact with anyone else.
Myia.Events is a web application for the event organizers, that helps you to control the event and communicate with the attendees.
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Questions for Speakers

Many people hesitate to speak publicly. It is difficult for them to ask questions in a large auditorium. Myia solves both problems elegantly.

Moderator or speaker can choose the most interesting questions.

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Voting with Myia

Networking and Contacts

Myia helps attendees to meet new people and set appointments.

Myia shows a list of attendees and their profiles. It is easy for them to find anyone they want to meet and send a private message.

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Send news with Myia

Connect with attendees

Send the latest news, important information and invitations to all event attendees.

Allow attendees to reach the organizers instantly.

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Voting with Myia

Let them vote

Let the event attendees vote about the most favorite presenter, topic or the best lunch meal.

Show them that their opinion is important for you.

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Rating with Myia

Collect feedback

Ask your attendees how much they've liked the last presentation or how likely they will attend next time again.

Collect valuable feedback. Learn what they like. And what they don't.

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Portal for event organizers

Manage the app from web

Myia provides a Web Application to the event organizers. The organizers can manage the message board, configure Myia functions and set up any event properties in the Wev App.

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GDPR complaint


The application complies with the GDPR regulation and helps the organizer to prepare an event that meets all regulatory requirements.
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Standard features details

Shared Message WallThe organizer and the attendees can post messages on the shared message wall, add likes and comments.
Networking and ChatThe attendees can access a list of all attendees and send them a direct message. They can introduce themselves and arrange meetings.
Audience QuestionsAttendees can post questions during the event. The organizer can display selected questions on the screen or answer them in the app.
VotingCreate questions with possible options. Let the attendees express their opinion.
EvaluationCreate a message with a possibility for attendees to rate it with 0 to 5 stars.
Push NotificationsThe app displays a notification if the attendee receives a new message or if there is a new post on the message wall.
QR Code ConnectionAttendees can connect to the event using a QR code that you give them.
Easy Configuration from WebEasily create, setup, configure and maintain the event from a web app.
Data ExportExport the whole content created during the event.
Custom Welcome PageInitial screen in your design. It can contain schedule of the event, logos of sponsors, important information, etc.
GDPRThe application complies with the GDPR regulation and helps the organizer to prepare an event that meets all regulatory requirements.

Price plans

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Up to 100 attendees

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Premium support
Custom extensions
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Extension Modules

We will customize and prepare these extension modules according to your needs. We will explain the options, how they work and how they can be useful for your event.
Multiple message walls
When to use
  • If you want to split audience questions from messages sent by the organizer.
  • If you want to create dedicated spaces for various topics.
  • If the event takes place in several lecture halls or on different places.
How it works
  • A new bar is displayed for easy switching between the message walls.
  • Each message wall has a name.
  • Choose a message wall for attendee messages and another one only for organizer messages
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Custom design of the initial page
When to use
  • If the initial page should follow your corporate design.
  • If you want to switch the program for different places and times.
  • If you want to use animations, links, logos, maps, and any other effects.
  • If you want to give the attendees an option to build their own schedule.
How it works
  • We will look together at your needs and Myia options. Then we will find an optimal solution for you.
  • You will provide us with any inputs, designs, and relevant documentation, that you have.
  • We will build the initial page.
  • If you need any modifications, we will promptly make the changes.
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When to use
  • For booking of places on workshops, presentations etc., that have limited capacity during your event.
  • If you want to provide the attendees with flexibility to make last minute changes.
How it works
  • The initial page contains a link to a page with the bookings.
  • The attendees can add, change or cancel bookings with a single click.
  • Capacity and constraints of bookings are setup according to the organizer needs.
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When to use
  • For easy planning of a large number of 1:1 meetings according to the preferences of the attendees who they want to meet.
  • For speed business meetings, for meetings of startups with investors, etc.
How it works
  • The attendees select in the app who they want to meet.
  • You define possible time slots and places of the meetings.
  • Myia makes the plan so that it maximizes number of meetings that can happen in the available times.
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Integration with ticketing and check-in systems
When to use
  • If you use a ticketing or check-in system that issues QR codes as tickets.
  • If you want to use the same codes for registration to Myia.
How it works
  • API as well as batch data imports are available.
  • Myia receives and processes codes and data about attendees.
  • The attendees scan the ticket with Myia mobile app, which connects them to your Myia event.
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Myia has been created by Myia Systems in Prague