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Covid-19 does not turn your events to simple webinars.
With Myia your event can still provide networking, attendee engagement and a space for partners and sponsors.
Talk to us. Myia will help you.

Even at virtual events.

Anyone can get involved.

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The event application that people really use.

What Myia can help you with


Make it easier for your event attendees to make new contacts. Provide them with a space to communicate with each other and give them a good reason to attend again.


Engage attendees. Enable them to ask questions right in the app. Other attendees can respond directly by clicking the Like button or leaving a comment, and you can then project the selected questions onto a screen.


Promote your brand and events. Are you planning an important corporate event? Create a customized app home page with your own design. The application allows you to use any colors, fonts, logos and design elements.

Tailor made program

Let attendees create their own program during your event. Take advantage of several parallel sections.

Message board

Communicate with your attendees. Enable voting, post photos on a common message board. Keep everybody updated.


Export the content of message boards, attendee lists along with their profiles or individual attendees’ activity.

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The Myia app complies with GDPR regulations with regard to the processing of personal data. This will help you meet all statutory requirements.

We were extremely satisfied with the Myia app and the entire service during our conference preparations. Our requirements were met almost immediately and exactly to our wishes. Attendees were also very satisfied, which is the most important in the end.

Jitka Zmítková

Event Manager

Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci

For me, as the organizer, the biggest benefit is primarily the automation of matchmaking, which we have handled manually in the past. The option to take into account most of the attendees’ preferences took the event a significant step forward.

Petr Žwak

Head of Member Services & Events

Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

We regularly use the Myia app at the startup festival Festup. Thanks to the app, all our visitors are “on the same wave”, they can easily find the latest information and are not afraid to ask the speakers. It was also a great experience to program a special competition module that pushed the whole event to the next level.

Tereza Váňová

Event Manager

Innovation Centre of the Usti Region

We use the Myia app for most of the events that we organize at Impact Hub. One of these is the Impact Hub MashUp, where 10 creative and innovative projects are presented. Attendees may give feedback on whether they like the project, and also vote on the best project at the end of the evening, using the Myia app. It is very important for us to ensure that voting runs smoothly, as the winning project receives a financial reward. Fortunately, Myia has never disappointed us. In addition to feedback and voting, we use the app for networking and connecting attendees among each other. Myia provides many options and is one of the best event apps in the Czech Republic.

Peter Šedivý

Events & production

Impact Hub Praha

Learn how Myia helps attendees



Attendees may communicate with organizers through a message board. They can also chat with other visitors or respond to their questions directly in the app.

Easy exchange of business cards

Easy exchange of business cards

They can exchange business cards using a QR code and arrange individual meetings. Acquired contacts can be exported to the contact list in their mobile phone.

Useful information regarding the program

Useful information regarding the program

Attendees can easily browse through the program, see if there are any changes, and choose which talk to attend. The selected talks are then displayed in their personal calendar.



Attendees can book their place in advance for talks that have limited capacity. If someone signs out, the free seat is immediately displayed in the app.

Up to date information

Up to date information

Once the organizer adds a new message to the message board or opens voting, Myia sends a notification to the attendees. The same applies to private messages or notices of prior booking of a talk.

Attendee engagement

Attendee engagement

Attendees can post their questions directly to the application during talks. The organizer and other attendees can respond to them by leaving a comment or clicking the Like button.

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