Connect with Wi-Fi

Myia runs on any Wi-Fi

You can link the event that you have configured in Myia.Events with a Wi-Fi in the venue after purchasing a tariff. Anyone who connects their smartphone with Myia to the Wi-Fi can access the content of your event.

The Wi-Fi connection has a big advantage – it is available only to those who are on place. This prevents unwanted posts from anyone who is not a real attendee.

There are no hashtags needed, Wi-Fi connection makes it all. Only make sure the Wi-Fi in the venue is good enough to connect everyone.

Connect with QR Code

Myia is local communication platform

Connection with a QR code is another great option. Attendees simply scan the code that you have generated it in Myia.Events web app.

After scanning the code, the attendees are connected till the end of the event. If you organize a multi-day event, the attendees remain connected the whole time. And you are connected with them.

This way, even remote participants can join your event. For example, they can interact with other attendees, ask questions and take part in poll during video streams.