Questions for Speakers


Attendees of the event can write their questions on a shared message board. Anyone can add a like to a question if they are interested in the answer, too.

All attendees can see the question in their smartphones. At the same time, you can show the list of questions or one selected question on a projection screen using the Myia Web Application.

The host or the presenter can select the most interesting questions depending on the remaining time available for Q&A.


With Myia, even passive attendees ask questions. This way, your event is more lively and becomes more valuable for everyone.

It can difficult to ask a question in a large hall. Passing a mike or repeating questions from auditorium is wasting of valuable time.

With Myia you can answer even the questions that haven’t fit in the Q&A session. Anyone can participate with their answers. Speakers can even add more info after the presentation.